Nestled deep within International Mall, there’s a hidden gem of a restaurant that, unless you were shopping at Nordstrom, you may miss altogether. That’s because Bazille is actually a part of Nordstrom and operates within its walls. You might not ever think of a department-store-owned restaurant as being any good, but you would be mistaken. This place is great whether you’re out for a night on the town or having an important business meeting. As long as you don’t mind walking through Nordstrom on your way there.


One may get mixed feelings from the atmosphere here. On one hand, the interior design is respectable and warm and the mood is casual. It feels lovely just to sit down and enjoy the evening in there. On the other hand, it’s inside Nordstrom which is inside a mall, and there are no windows. This is easy to look past once you’ve been seated. It’s almost a shock when you walk out and find yourself inside a store.


Everything on the menu looked good, but I struggled to find anything that was unique to Bazille. Instead, what I found were skillful renditions of popular dishes that one might find at any nice restaurant. Bazille brings high cuisine to familiar dishes.

Ahi Tuna Poke


Marinated tuna, daikon sprouts, seasoned wontons, Asian slaw, and wasabi. I was actually surprised by how good this appetizer was. Not that I expected it to be terrible, but the seasoning on the wontons plus the delicious tuna and slaw was good enough that I almost embarrassed myself by how quickly I wolfed it down. Almost.

Crisp Calamari


Battered and fried calamari with lemongrass sweet Chile dipping sauce. Believe it or not, this was my first experience with calamari. Although I was with two others who weren’t as pure as I was. I enjoyed this appetizer. The dipping sauce was flavorful and spicy and overall delicious.

Bistro French Fries


French Fried potatoes with fresh herbs and a kalamata olive aïoli dipping sauce. This was the surprise favorite of the evening! Dipping the perfectly herb-coated fries in the sauce gave us a sort of fruity taste. Which seems odd for a pairing with French fries, but it was quite delicious. Everyone loved it!

Caesar Salad with Roasted Chicken


There were several gluten-free options on the menu, but the gluten-conscious member of our party decided to go with this option. She liked it, she said it was a good salad, but that there was nothing especially exciting about it. Well, except for the Parmesan crisp standing vertically on the side of the salad. That was pretty neat.

Roasted Salmon and Herbed Mushroom Risotto


Oven‎ roasted salmon, herbed risotto, sauteed seasonal mushrooms, and rosemary butter sauce. This was absolutely delicious. The mushrooms were so flavorful, the salmon was perfectly cooked, and the risotto was just as it should be. I definitely recommend this dish. Even if you don’t normally do seafood, this salmon was perfect.

White Chocolate Bread Pudding


Served warm with white chocolate and raspberry sauce, this dessert was quite delectable. Our server noted that this was their signature dessert dish, and I can see why. I didn’t really have room for more food after that main dish, but I finished what I could of this and did not regret a single bite.


One member of our party has Celiac’s disease, so it was obviously important that the restaurant be able to handle gluten-free dishes properly. We called ahead to ask if they could accommodate this and they pointed out that there were gluten-free items marked on the menu and that the staff would be able to answer any questions. Amie not only answered questions but also volunteered information about the appetizers and sides to ensure that our gluten-free diner didn’t accidentally get contaminated. She knew enough to point out the soy glaze on the poke and was aware of cross-contamination from shared fryers. When it came time for dessert, Amie offered to bring out a bowl of fresh berries and whipped cream since there were no other gluten-free options that met with our guest’s approval.

We also met the general manager, Andres Quintero, who was friendly and very accommodating to our camera man. He also may or may not have been responsible for putting some extra chocolate mint sticks in our check holder. (Which were delicious, by the way.)


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2223 N Westshore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607

International Mall, inside Nordstrom

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