Yeoman’s started as a Road Pub on Davis Island and became so popular that they had to open up another location in downtown Tampa. Yeoman’s Cask & Lion is a full-on British pub and restaurant within walking distance of Amalie Arena that serves all the British staples like fish and chips and bangers and mash, and still appeals to an American patronage. You can visit Yeoman’s to watch all the latest soccer football matches that are so important to the British, but Yeoman’s is not a sports pub. If you’re visiting Yeoman’s, you’re more likely to identify with British rock and roll culture, as evidenced by the brilliant paintings on the wall of David Bowie and other icons by local artist, Justin Peterson.


Yeoman’s has basically three separate rooms. The main dining area consists of a small bar, several tables, and a stage. Off to the right of the stage is what they call the “Union Jack Room” which seems to be a private dining area where the planks on the ceiling form the UK’s famous flag. Connected to the main dining room, there’s an outside bar where you can enjoy the downtown atmosphere while drinking with your mates. Dark wood, brick, and rock and roll is the theme here with British memorabilia sitting in cabinets, a punk-ish graffiti mural welcoming bathroom visitors, and a stage with an iconic British telephone booth. I’ve never been to the UK, so I couldn’t comment on how authentic any of it is, but as a huge nerd I can tell you that I expected The Doctor to show up at any minute. In short, this is an exciting, beautiful, and downright magical place to be.


Yeoman’s has a simple menu with all the British favorites, but its drink menu was bigger by far. They have beer on tap, beer in bottles, specialty cocktails, and much more. I drank the Strawberry Fields Forever Mojito and it was delicious. One might also consider an English ale such as Boddingtons or Bass. If you’re not into that, there are plenty of options both local and import including Cigar City Jai Alai from right here in Tampa. When you settle on a beverage, that’s just your first step on your journey of flavour through the highlands. Here’s what I ate for supper…

Fish Spread

Yeomans Tampa Fish Spread

Fresh salmon and North Atlantic cod, with fresh onions and other seasonings served with pita points. This appetiser, or “Sharing Plate,” is delicious. The pita points are basically just a delivery system for getting the fish into your mouth, but they’re still pretty tasty on their own. If you’re into tuna salad at home, imagine if it was 100 times better tasting and topped with a couple peppers. That’s what you’ve got here with this fish spread. I loved it!

Fish & Chips

Yeomans Tampa Fish and Chips

Fresh prepared North Atlantic cod, deep fried with a signature beer batter, fresh cut chips (or fries, for you yanks), and American coleslaw, served with lemon and homemade tartar sauce. If you’re imagining some fish sticks mixed in with unsalted French fries, you’d be way off. Slap an entire North Atlantic cod down on a table covered with steak fries and you get a bit of a better idea. And it was fantastic. Malt vinegar is, as you might expect, part of the on-table condiments and is very important for this dish. Not that it isn’t delicious on its own, but, you know, it’s tradition. A tasty tradition!

Traditional English Breakfast

Yeomans Tampa Traditional English Breakfast

The English breakfast is a Victorian tradition created when having a tradition was the cool thing to do and if you didn’t have a daily set routine you were considered blasé and undesireable. There are various regional differences in the English breakfast, but it generally consists of fried foods such as eggs, sausage and beans. Yeoman’s variation also includes white toast, jam, and a Parmesan and herb grilled tomato. I was not such a fan of the tomato, but the rest was a total winner. I’m sure it was just my particular taste that rejected the tomato. Fun fact: Yeoman’s brought the Traditional English Breakfast onto the menu to accommodate the people who came in early Saturdays to watch English Premiere League Football.


Yeomans Tampa Manchester

Blackened burger with bleu cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and Creole mustard on a pretzel bun. I was told that this dish was to be featured in Creative Loafing’s Tampa Bay Burger Week. And I can definitely see why. I ordered it medium, and it was perfectly prepared thusly. And the rest is just a wonderland of flavor! As if the bleu cheese and Creole mustard wasn’t enough, the pretzel bun blows up the taste buds. One of these days I’ll have to put together a list of all the best hamburgers in Tampa. This one will definitely be near the top. It also comes with fries chips which were perfectly salted and seasoned. No need to add any extra.

The Yeoman's Dessert

Yeomans Tampa The Yeomans Dessert

When it came time to add a dessert item to the menu, Yeoman’s Cask & Lion hired Traci Fabyanic, a great pastry chef, specifically to create and prepare the only dessert that the restaurant could ever need. When it came time to order dessert, I was sure I was too full. But when I heard that, my stomach must have made room. The Yeoman’s Dessert consists of sticky toffee pudding, Guinness chocolate stout cake with Bailey’s creme anglaise, ice cream, and short bread cookies. Every single element of this dish is amazing, but to get the most out of your money, try the ice cream along with the toffee pudding in the same spoonful. You will die of ecstasy.


On our visit, we met with Tara who explained all of the background and history of Yeoman’s Cask & Lion and its most delicious dishes. It was delightful to talk to her and learn what we could.

Our server, Lacey, was very attentive and friendly and had all of our food out promptly. Maybe it was early time of day, or maybe they’re always speedy, whatever the case, it was an enjoyable experience.


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202 N Morgan St Tampa, FL 33602

Downtown Tampa just south of Jackson St.